Getting ready

Before your daughter or son gets on the airplane for America, we put them through a training and orientation session to prepare them for the things that they will face. We help to get them ready for cultural differences that they will experience. They will be introduced to the differences between the school environment that they know now, and that which they will experience in America. We talk about a variety of cultural differences and some of the practical things that they need to know about travel, shopping, services and tipping, talking to strangers, and much more. For example, there may significant differences as to how a student interacts with their teacher in America verses their home country.


We want to be the agency of choice when it comes to studying in America.

Should you chose us, you will see that we treat each student as if they were a member of our extended family. We help you get what you want. We make it easy! We are dedicated to making your son or daughter have a successful, happy, and safe experience while they study in America.

Our professional agency staff works to learn of your goals and dreams for your child. We work hard to accommodate you and your family. Once we know what you want, we will find the best schools for your son or daughter and help them to get admitted. Once they have their high school diploma from a great American high school, they will be able attend a top rated university too.

We do a very thorough job in preparing your child for each and every phase of the application process right up until they go to class. We have relationships with many top-notch schools and we will carefully screen your child’s application and present them in the best possible way to those schools that we know will be right for them. TESS USA has many accredited partner schools that look forward to having your child as a student. Your diploma from a great US school will help you to attend a great university, and will bring you closer to realizing your dreams for your future.

  • We will work to place your child in a great school because of the personal way that we work for you. The typical decision time is about two weeks.
  • Our support services are among the most comprehensive that you will find:

o  We guide your child through the entire school application process and provide you with help to complete each form.

o  We prepare each student for the Skype interview with the school.

o  After the I-20 has been issued, we assist with the form 160 and guide you through the entire SEVIS and embassy Interview process.

o  Before your child will be greeted at the airport by an agency member, the host family, or their school, they will have gone through a comprehensive orientation.

  • Your child’s safety, happiness, and success is our most important goal.
  • TESS USA will help you to make a good decision about where to apply. We make it easy!
Our students – who they are
  • They come from Asia, Europe, The Middle East, and South America
  • They are boys and girls (young men & women) who want a diploma from a prestigious private high school in America.
  • They are serious students who want both a great classroom experience and an understanding of American culture.
  • Most want to graduate from a prestigious American university.
  • They are ambitious, intelligent, focused, friendly, and trustworthy, and they want to expand their horizons beyond their own language without losing their love of their country and their culture.
  • They are interested in a variety of academic subjects such as math, computers, science, engineering, languages, history, art, music, athletics and more.
  • Most of all they are courageous, and are willing to take a risk by coming here because they love learning and want to grow and feel good about themselves.
Preparing for Success
  • Know about the right international debit and credit cards.
  • Learn to appreciate and deal with cultural differences.
  • Manage your expectations.
  • Overcome initial loneliness and home sickness.
  • Purchase the right cell phones and laptops.
  • Understand that fear of the unknown is normal.

As a student, when you are first introduced to your host family, you can be certain that they have been screened and carefully chosen to provide you with a home, not just a place to live. They expect you to become part of their family culture, and to join them for meals and other family events. The goal is to give you “A home away from home”.
Each family will be different from all of the others; because this is America, they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Their families have all immigrated to the US (except for our Native Americans) from every continent and over 100 countries. They all have a variety of jobs and professions. Some will have college degrees and other will not. They were chosen because their home will be a great place for you to live and to grow. They will invite you to become a member of their family and not just be a boarder.
Please do your best to be polite, courteous, and thankful for having a friendly, clean, warm, and good study environment.
Your school will close to your new home and it will be up to you to take full advantage of the opportunities to be presented to you both in school and in your new home. If you are polite, friendly, honest, and open you will have a great result.

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