Student Admissions



step 1

The most important factor in helping our students through the admissions process is that we take the time to get to know each student and to treat them as an individual. It is our belief that we must ask the right questions of our applicants and their parents. – and then LISTEN to their replies Once we know what is desired we confirm our information with them to be certain that we understand what they want and what they hope for. There are no shortcuts in this process.

step 2

The next step is that we ask for specific information about the student’s scholastic record and their various test scores. Then we contact those schools which we believe will provide a great match with the applicant and confirm with them that they want to see the application and supporting information.

step 3

Once the documentation has been submitted we advocate for the student. We then take the acceptance and complete the registration process. After the school has issued the I-20, we get a copy and then the original is sent to the student. We assist in completing the Department of State (DOS) Form 160 (on line) and advise our student as to how to pay their SEVIS and embassy appointment fees.

step 4

After the F-1 visa has been issued we prepare our students with an orientation in their country as well as another orientation process in America. After the orientation process we remain very close to the student and their academic progress at their school. If they are attending a Day School, we maintain very close relationships with their host family too.



We will help you to gain admission to the high school or university that is best for you. Our experienced staff will take the time to get to know what you and your parents want for you. We will try to get to know you personally by Skype interviews, and if possible, face-to-face meetings. While in America we will be your guardian and will try to make this a wonderful, successful, and happy experience.

High schoolers have a variety of choices

A boarding school, or a day school and life with a host family.
A co-educational school, or a school for either boys only, or girls only.
A large, medium, or small-sized school.
A city campus, a suburban campus, or a rural campus.
Schools that specialize in the arts, etc., or schools with a more traditional curriculum.
Schools that take only very high TOEFL (minimum 95) scores or a school that takes a bigger variety of test scores (72 to 100+).

University applicants have different needs

We suggest choosing a university with many choices if the student does not know exactly what will be their major course of study.
If the student knows what they want to study, then they must know the acceptance criteria for the different colleges that might prove to be the place where they want to attend.
Wherever possible, taking on-campus visits can be extremely beneficial to help the applicant to decide on one university over another. During the visit they will talk to the admissions department, meet someone from the department of study that is favored, and usually are able to sit-in a particular class to get the flavor of that particular college.
We can assist in essay creation and interview preparation; and, our specialists can accompany you on your campus visits.

Specialty school applicants

We will find the best of these programs and can virtually guarantee acceptance to the school of your choice.

Our admissions process

After formally agreeing to work with our agency, we will review all of the data that we will have assembled about the applicant.
We will present our top three choices of schools and then we will decide, along with the family, whether we should apply first to one school, or perhaps to as many as three schools.
We help with the accumulation of all documents and pay all of the application and registration fees for the I-20.
We next prepare the student for their Skype interview with the school.
When accepted, we maintain a copy of the I-20, but the student is sent the original document.
We assist in the completion of the DOS form 160, the payment of SEVIS fees as well as the embassy appointment fee.
We prepare the student for their F-1 visa appointment.
Once granted their visa, we help to prepare the student for their upcoming trip and also begin to further their knowledge about the culture that they will be entering.
The student will be met and greeted at the airport by either their host family or someone from the agency.
Once in America there will be orientation meetings before going to school, and the student will be helped by their host parents for day school registration, or a mentor from their boarding school.

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