Our Programs

Our programs

We offer seven programs and each of these programs will have several distinct factors. We apply our operating philosophy to each and every facet of what we do. We treat all students as if each of them were a member of our family and give them every opportunity to choose (type of school, geographical area, special scholastic or extra-curricular needs, etc.) while enrolling in the most appropriate school. We pay attention to detail and act professionally to represent our students, and help them to enroll in the right school for them.




A. Vacation or General English: Min 2 weeks, 8 – 15 hrs. /wk.

B. Academic or Intensive English: 8 weeks or more, 20 -30 hrs. /wk.

C. Test Preparation: TOEFL, IELTS, SATs, GREs, GMATs, etc.

D. Executive and Business English (Customized programs available).


How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the program that you choose, the type of English studies, the length of the program, on -line vs in-person and therefore housing and living expenses. Like anything else, it depends on what you choose.

Where may I take the program?

You have two types of choices:

  • on line: in your home and on your computer where you will enter a live, virtual classroom and will see and speak to your teacher.
  • on site, in person; you choose the location.

How many hours per day?

It depends on your choices. Intensive and Academic English is usually 3.5 – 4.5 hours per day, five days per week. Vacation English is usual about 10-12 hours per week.

If I have a hard time, will someone help me?

YES! All programs have people to help you. If you want personal tutoring, that will be an extra cost.

May I have a job while I’m in School?

Under the rules of your F-1 and the school that issued your I-20, you may work f or up to 20 hours per week, on the campus only, and you may NOT displace an American Citizen. If you are a visitor on a B-1 or B-2 Visa, NO, you may not work!

Do I need an F-1 visa?

If you study for 18 hours per week or more, YES you will need an F-1 VISA. A B-1 tourist VISA is good for less than 18 hours of study per week.

Can I come on a tourist Visa?

YES! See the answer above.

Can you guarantee that I will get a Visa? Can I spread the payments?

The short answer is: NO! VISAS are issued by United States Consular office. The officer who interviews you is the only one to make that decision. You must demonstrate a valid purpose for coming to the US (I-20) if asking for an F-1 student VISA; for a B-1 Tourist Visa the officer must be convinced that you will return home. NOTE: For ALL applicants there needs to be clear evidence that you will go back home when you are finished.

How much do I pay up front?

Most ESL programs Do Not spread payments because the cost is relatively low; however, you can always ask.

When do I pay the balance?

ON-LINE programs: Pay 100% immediately on campus programs:

1- Pay application, I-20, courier fees, and administrates fees.

2- Once your F-1 is issued, pay the entire balance.

Will I get a diploma or a certificate?

VIRTUALLY ALL programs issue a certificate.

How do I get to school?

If you are not an ON-LINE student, you will get to school by walking, if staying a dorm on campus, or if you live near the campus, otherwise you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation?

Do I have to live on campus?

NO! It is your choice as to where you live. Unless you are under 18, then you must live on campus or with an approved host family.

Can I live with a friend?

YES! If you are 18 or over.

Will I have weekends free?

YES! You should be sure to leave time for any homework.

A. All universities offer an I-20 leading to an F-1 visa

B. We have a large database of universities and can place you in famous top 50 to top 200 national universities, as well as great regional universities located in The USA and Canada.

C. Over 385 majors and more than 5,000 programs

D. Many offer partial scholarships

E. We have many that are low-cost and have very good programs

F. There are colleges that will offer conditional acceptance – meaning enrollment upon completion of a one or two semester ESL program – as needed. Most do not require a retaking of IELTS or TOEFL.

G. There are non-diploma programs that qualify under your F-1 visa


How long will take me to take to get accepted?

Notification acceptance, after all documents have been presented will vary from school to school.

Some universities make you wait for your acceptance or rejection notice until April 15 th .

NOTE: If you apply for early acceptance, then you will agree that if you are accepted you will agree to attend that university and cancel all other applications.

Others will set special dates for acceptance that they publish on their website.

Universities using a quarter system instead of semesters generally notify the applicant within two-three weeks.

Universities that offer rolling admissions may offer very quick notification, sometimes within one week.

Can you guarantee that I will get into the university of my choice?

No one can guarantee acceptance unless the university publishes a statement that they will accept all applicants! Acceptance rates can be as low as 5% at No rated Harvard to 4% at No. 48 rated University of Washington.

Can I be sure to get my choice of major or field of study?

YES! Because you will only apply to Universities that have courses of interest to you.

Can I get a Scholarship?

YES! But scholarships for international students are generally based on your academic record and test results. There generally several types of scholarships for various amounts of money. They generally begin with a GPA of 3.3 or higher, TOEFL scores of 95 or higher, and SAT scores above 1300.

What do I do if my English is not as good as It needs to be?

This is a very important question and have two answers:

A need to improve standard English test scores (IELTS OR TOEFL).

The need to be more effective in the classroom.

Your TESS USA consultant will guide you and will prepare a plan to help you to overcame ANY deficiencies.

Do I have to make all the payments at due?

All payments must be made when due as presented.

How much will my education cost?

It is NOT possible to give a dollar answer as it depends on your chosen University, scholarships, and personal expenses.

When will I find out if I have been accepted?

Please read the answer to question number one.

If I’m not accepted or I change my mind, will I get a refund?

If you are NOT accepted at a University you will not get any refunds for application related fees from the University or TESS USA.

NOTE: This is very unlikely as you will be advised to apply to University where you meet or surpass their minimum admissions criteria and rules.

Pick the type of school (Day School or a Boarding School), geographical location, co-ed vs. single gender, secular or non-secular school, prestigious public schools, variety and number of AP courses,

A. Tell us if you are an athlete (male or female), a musician, an artist, or have other special skills and interests. They may lead to university scholarships.

B. Special Academic Year Program (S.A.Y.): It MUST be any year other than your final, senior year. Students in France, Brazil, Spain, and other countries enjoy this program. We place the student in a great private or public high school. Their academic record counts toward graduation.

C. Exclusive Mid-Year Program: Designed for students who have completed their school year in December or by early January (Minimum age 15).
i. Avoid repeating a grade that was just completed.
ii. Take a test to discover your true competence in
iii. Enter into a dedicated English-only preparation course. Retake any tests that will help you to enter one of the high schools of your choice
iv. Go on in-person interviews to improve your chance of acceptance.


Can you guarantee acceptance a top school?

No! Acceptance at a top school is very different from any of the very good, excellent or other schools because of competition. These schools have very high minimum standards and most accepted students easily surpass those standards. No one can guarantee acceptance into a top school unless they are the principal of the school.

Typical entry requirements: GPA 3.75 – 4.0 IELTS 7.0 TOEFL 105 SSAT above 85%

Some require an essay, an in- person or skype interview.

Average scores of accepted students: GPA 3.9 – 4.1 IELTS 7.0-7.5 TOEFL 110 SSAT 7.85%

ESSAY are usually required. For schools of the ARTS & Conservatories you will need to show your portfolio or upload your music. You will not only be judged by your academic qualifications, but also by your demonstrated talent. These schools usually do not have ESL, because their students are excellent in English.

Can you guarantee acceptance at a very good school?

Although the requirements maybe slightly different, the answers is the same: NO! No one can guarantee acceptance; however, the professional and experienced staff at TESS USA is able to assure you that you will match or surpass each chosen school’s criteria and encourage you to apply there. The answer is a little different because there are hundreds of very good High Schools. The quality of a school depends on the teachers, staff & their curriculum, plus other things such as AP course, and many after school programs. All of the schools take pride in the quality of their curriculum and teaching staff.

How many schools may I apply to?

You may apply to as many schools as you wish to, but common sense dictates that you limit yourself to a maximum of four or five schools. We will help you to choose based on a variety of criteria.

Can I have a list of the high schools?

Once you have agreed to work with us by signing an agreement and paying a small administrative fee, we will work with your local TESS USA business partner and your parents to provide a list of appropriate schools. For instance, we will not send you a list of boarding schools if you want a day school with homestay.

Why should I choose your agency instead of another agency or agent from my country?

This is the most important question that you can ask. Here are the reasons:

  • We base our work for you by knowing what you want, what you don’t want and have a clear understanding of your goals and your parents’ goals.
  • We match your academic record and test scores with the various school’s criteria for acceptance.
  • If appropriate we will advocate for you with a school if we believe that you are a good match.
  • We are pro-active from the issuance of the I-20 until you receive your F-1 Visa.
  • We guide you and prepare you for your adventure.

How much does a school cost?

Schools costs vary for many reasons because of location, reputation, competition, numbers and types of courses, boarding vs day schools, etc. When we know what you want them we can give you a more detailed answer.

How do I know that I will get accepted?

While we can never guarantee acceptance anywhere, we always place our students because we have them apply to the right school for them.

Why do they charge extra fees?

Because their experience in running a school tells them what to charge. So that they can pay their bills, teachers, etc. in addition they want you to know the details of their billing.

If I don't like the school, Can I change it?

If we have had accurate information and done our work correctly, this should not need to happen. Changing schools is not like changing your clothes. It can be very stressful and there is no guarantee that you will like the new one.

If I am not boarding can I change my family?

YES! The same answer as in the previous question; however, sometimes this is different because of personality differences. We work very hard to prevent this, but if there are problems that cannot be solved, then we will do it. However, it cannot be for silly reasons such as you do not like their car.

Will you guarantee that I will be in a safe area?

YES! We will not place any student in an unsafe area at any time.

Can I choose the part of the USA or Canada where I will study?


Do I have to participate in sports or clubs?

NO! But we encourage you to participate in whatever interests you. You will be surprised with how much you will get from these activities: better English, better friends, a feeling of belonging, and better self-confidence.

If having a difficult time academically; will I get help?

YES! It is part of the program. You should go to your teachers, international coordinator, host parents and your TESS USA contact person. We expect you to ask for help whenever you need it, and we will make sure that you get it.

If I get homesick, may I go home to visit my parents?

NO! missing school will hurt your grades. The school, your host family and we will help you to overcome those feelings. Missing your family and friends is normal; you will learn to adjust. If you want to talk with someone who speaks your native language, we will arrange that too.

Will you help me while I am in school?


A. Camps & Tours

B. In the US, Canada, and Europe

C. We offer a variety of programs which can be for 3, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. They can be combined with an ESL component or may just be for fun and English immersion.

These are both existing programs or may be customized for our student(s). These are summer (in America or Canada) programs.

A. For the gifted student who wants to develop his or her special skills in the arts, music, science, robotics, etc.

B. For students who want personal attention to work on courses that they feel are not a strength

C. Do not require diploma but may offer a certificate of completion

D. Aviation, Culinary Arts, Dental Assistant, etc.

Non-American investors have regulatory permission to earn a green card for themselves and their immediate family members if they are approved for investments and meet all of the criteria set down by the rules.