High School Choice Program

make the best choice

Pick the type of school (Day School or a Boarding School), geographical location, co-ed vs. single gender, secular or non-secular school, prestigious public schools, variety and number of AP courses.

whether you are a female or male athlete or a student with special skills, tell us because you may qualify for a scholarship

Special Academic Year Program (S.A.Y.)

It MUST be any year other than your final, senior year. Students in France, Brazil, Spain, and other countries enjoy this program. We place the student in a great private or public high school. Their academic record counts toward graduation.


Exclusive Mid-Year Program

Designed for students who have completed their school year in December or by early January (Minimum age 15).

1. Avoid repeating a grade that was just completed.

2. Take a test to discover your true competence in

3. Enter into a dedicated English-only preparation course.
Retake any tests that will help you to enter one of the high schools of your choice

4. Go on in-person interviews to improve your chance of acceptance.

Your dream of studying in the U.S. and Canada is closer than you think. TESS USA will be with you every step of the way.