Academic Programs Related

High Schools and Grammar Schools

The world-wide Covid-19 pandemic has forced many, if not almost all, high schools to make their programs available as virtual / online courses. The schools chosen by us are top level with a great history of placing their graduates into great universities.

We have 32 US schools that are either boarding schools or day schools with homestay, as well as schools in Canada and Europe. First be sure to contact your TESS USA representative but if you do not have one you may complete this form which our representative will require you to complete by answering all of the questions; otherwise, please contact Tess Reisler at:  teresinha@tessusa.com with any questions or requests for information

Undergrads and Graduate students can start at home, finish on campus

Undergrad and Graduate programs go virtual and while it satisfies the immediate problems caused by the Covid-19 virus, it is very probable that taking online / virtual courses will be part of the future, particularly if combined with some on-campus classes to produce hybrid learning. We strongly advise students who are currently outside the US to plan for a virtual fall semester.

All of our universities offer virtual-first graduate and undergraduate degree options taught by the teachers and professors that will teach on-campus courses. If you are concerned about the quality of your use of the English, all of the universities that accept you also have a pathway program. We have agreements with”

  • 91 US universities.
  • 15 Canadian universities and colleges.
  • 6 Australian Universities and college.
  • 56 UK Universities.
  • 124 Continental European Universities.

Some universities have made all of their courses available for online teaching while some universities have limited the number of courses available. Ask us for help.

Professional training for subjects such as nursing, hospitality-related courses, aviation mechanics, actual pilot training, and other choices are provided by our 4-year universities in the US or Canada; we also have many different Community Colleges which can train you for those courses – at a lower cost.

Do NOT waste time waiting – Please get started and take the completed courses with you when ultimately arrive on campus physically rather than virtually; or, complete your degree online.

Ask your TESS USA representative for help or email Ron Reisler: ronr@tessusa.com

Your dreams and goals have not changed! The only change is how you are going to attain them!