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New York University, New York
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, May 2019

I am an international student from Korea, studying abroad by myself since my sophomore year in high school, and I have a family here in the United States. We might not be related by blood, but we have an even stronger bond: love and caring. Cheesy as it sounds, those two words are the first to come into my mind when I think of Tess and Ron, the CEO and COO of T.E.S.S. Inc. With their help and overwhelming kindness, I managed to graduate from Matignon High School with a GPA of 4.71 and was accepted to New York University as a Presidential Honors Scholars. I am majoring in Economics, dreaming to work on Wall Street one day in the near future. People were right; college is awesome! I love every moment and every corner of my school, my city, and my friends. All this would have been impossible without Tess and Ron. They were the light of guidance whenever I struggled academically, emotionally, or even socially. They made it clear to me that I have and will have a home here in this foreign country, that I have someone who loves and cares about me, and that I have the potential to excel. It is them who made me realize and grab all the opportunities around me, transforming an ordinary little girl into a vibrant, passionate young adult ready to explore the world. I cannot thank Tess and Ron enough for making all this possible. You are my hero, my role model, and my American parent.


Sherwin Xishun Su

Although it was only for several months , but I will always remember the time I had with the family of Tess.
I still remember the sweet house, tasty foods, cute animals and hospitable family members… From Tess’s house I learned what American family is like. At the beginning, I was homesick, but with the care of Tess’s family, I actually got used to the new environment very soon. Also, I have met friends that came from different countries through TESS USA INC company. All of these to me was a lifetime experience. Right now, almost 4 years passes, I still have connection with Tess and her family, I really appreciate and cherish this relationship with them! I hope every international students could have a nice experience like I had in TESS USA INC.

SEUNGA PARK (Jennifer)

SEUNGA PARK (Jennifer)

I am so glad to have met Tess and Ron! I have lived in America for two years. When I first met them they were not my guardians, but they were my best friend’s host family. Before I switched to their agency (T.E.S.S. – THE EXCHANGE STUDENTS SERVICE) I was under a lot of stress from my previous guardian. Ron and Tess saved me! They first took me into their home; they found a wonderful school for me, and then a fantastic host family.
Before I met them I thought that studying abroad was really hard, boring, and a little scary; and, I really had to deal with loneliness. Since I met them my mind changed a lot!! Studying in America has become so much fun and I am not lonely anymore!! They care for their students really well, especially Tess, who treats her students like her daughter.
Thank you so much Ron and Tess. I would recommend you to anybody.


Whom It May Concern
My name is Adonis Bachara from Syria. I am eighteen, and I finished high school in 2012. I always dreamed about studying in the United States of America.
Oneday, my aunt Elizabeth called me at my house and said that she has talked to a friend of her that could help me get accepted in Worcester State University. I was thrilled and excited about it, and told her to start working on this matter right away. I told my parents immediately, and they were excited as well. Because they knew how much I loved to study in America. Two days later, a man called Ronald Reisler sent me an email and told me to answer some questions. So I did, and he turned out to be a very nice man.
Personally, I found Ronald a real gentleman, who spent a lot of time trying to help me. When I got the American Visa, I was the happiest guy in the world. I called my uncle Freddy and my aunt Elizabeth, and told them about the good news. However, when I got home, I emailed Ronald directly. He was also glad and congratulated me. When I first arrived in America, Ronald called me and I talked to him for the very first time. He was calling my uncle Freddy constantly to make sure everything is completed and nothing is missing. He kept asking the teachers about me to ensure that I’m doing good. Ronald is a dependable and reliable person, I owe him a lot. Without him, I couldn’t reach my dream of studying in the United States.
My journey in America has been wonderful so far. I study and work now at Worcester State University. Like they say, I am living the American dream. I will do my best in order to succeed.
Alice Baudoz

Alice Baudoz - Paris, France

In 2012 I went to Boston for two weeks thanks to TESS USA Inc. Even though it was not a long time it clearly has been one of the best adventure of my life. I improved my English and I met incredible people from all over the world. It also permitted me to discover Boston and living with lovely persons like Tess and her family was amazing. I enjoyed the American way of life and even if in the beginning, being lonely and far from my home was a little hard, the people around me and the experiences I lived there made me forget about my homesickness really fast. I would do it again if I could because it helped me to change as a person too and it was a beautiful time.

Julie Baudoz

Julie Baudoz - Paris, France.

I went to Boston 3 years in a row as part of TESS USA’s program and the first thing to say is that it taught me a lot. Tess and Ron became my family and I felt like home each time I went there. Moreover they are so great that they permit me to be a better person. Indeed thanks to their program I became more confident and mature. But that is not all, it also improved my English amazingly which helped me enter one of the top French Engineering School.
Finally I learned a lot about the United States culture, that’s when I fell in love with this country. I wish that someday I can come back there to work
Luisa Oliveira


Two years ago I decided to start one of the biggest journey of my life.
To study and live in the United States. At first I felt very scared, mainly because I’m extremely close to my family. It was a big step for me and my independence, but I had the courage to start it.
When I think about my Journey as an exchange student, the first day of my exchange program is what I remember the most.
I dropped my parents at the airport and I couldn’t stop crying. I cried so much that Tess took me to an ice-cream shop, just like you do, to young kids after they go to the dentist.
This memory, is the one that I most cherish. A reminder from my first days in the United States. It was a kind and thoughtful gesture, that showed me how much TESS cared.
TESS USA INC. Embraced me, nurtured me, and believed in me. That made all the difference in how I have experienced exchange.
The time passed and the idea of living in the USA for six month was not terrifying anymore, as it was in the beginning.
I lived with an amazing host family, that welcomed me as I was part of their own family. Six months living together and suddenly I was not asking to open the fridge door anymore. Big step, believe me.
When the 6 months came to an end, I decided to stay six more months in the US. The experience with the host family and TESS company was life changing, they changed the way I see things, to better myself in all possible ways. I can say without doubt that it was the best choice that I’ve made. I became more independent, someone who makes it’s own decisions and dreams about traveling and experiencing the whole world.
Learning english made great difference in my life, as well as choosing TESS USA INC. for my exchange program. The company gave me an opportunity to better myself and become more mature, something I have dreamt my whole life.


I arrived here in the U.S.A in mid-January 2015. I met Tess Reisler through a friend of mine and she was extremely helpful from the very first conversation; I knew that I was dealing with good people and with a serious and responsible company. They helped me to find a prep school that would consider me that would allow me to play soccer and to study. Believe it or not, the coach of that team from a school in Maryland then connected me with the coach of The New England Revolution professional soccer team. I just want everybody to know that this is a perfect company and its pleasure to deal with them. Thanks!


Oii, gente!! Eu sou Helena Oliveira mãe da Luisa Oliveira. Agora vou fazer o depoimento dizendo como é deixar seu filho em outro país, com pessoas que não conhecemos, outra cultura etc. Medo, muito, muito medo. Tristeza de ficar sem ela perto de mim: enorme. Pensamentos como: ela vai conseguir lavar a roupa? E quando tiver alguma dor? E se der aqueles ataques de EUUUU QUEROOO, EU NÃO ME GOSTO. Ah sim, e discutir a relação: tu não me ama, não fala comigo, é tudo eu mesmo… Sabe o que vai ficar? SAUDADES só e exclusivamente saudades.
A TESS USA.Inc. é uma empresa maravilhosa, profissionais acima de todas as expectativas. Minha filha é filha única e eu estou aqui no Brasil muito tranquila pois ela está sendo muito bem cuidada. Parecem parentes bem próximos, fazem coisas que até nós como pais não fazemos por conta de nossos afazeres e compromissos. E o melhor, ela está feliz. Feliz demais. Bem, só sei que minha filha esta lá há 2 meses e adorando. Ela parece outra pessoa. Mais adulta, responsável (ela sempre foi) mas com a parte financeira. Resolvendo, aprendendo, dando valor para tudo. E essa tranquilidade, segurança e acho que o principal, responsabilidade, a empresa TESS USA.Inc. nos dá. Outra coisa que chama atenção: eles sabem lidar com os adolescentes. Isso é o melhor, saber lidar com essa juventude. E outra, conseguem lidar com os pais, enlouquecidos, desesperados, chorões que ficam por aqui, ksksksk, Amei essa empresa e recomendo, Querem fazer intercâmbio sem se incomodar, tranquilos, façam com a TESS USA.Inc.. Amei essa empresa e recomendo.


Não poderia deixar passar este momento tão importante, não só para a Luisa como para mim e minha esposa, sem registrar.
Luisa, desde pequena, sempre teve um sonho: estudar inglês no exterior. Nós sempre a seguramos por dois motivos:
– Filha única – confesso que sou muito ciumento e tinha medo de deixá-la sozinha em um país desconhecido. A palavra certa era insegurança;
– Valores – não tínhamos noção de preços.
Começamos a procurar e organizar a viagem, pois o mundo não perdoa, ou você fala inglês ou você fala inglês. Não vejo hoje qualquer possibilidade de uma boa colocação profissional sem dominar este idioma.
Desta forma, falamos para a Luisa que havia chegado a hora. Havia muitas ofertas de cursos, muita gente falando bem, explicando. Participamos de eventos junto com a Luisa para tentar nos aprofundar em um curso no exterior. Mas a minha insegurança continuava.
Decidimos para onde enviá-la, tudo perfeito… fechamos o negócio em relação a pagamento e todos atendiam muito bem, mas não conseguiam me informar com exatidão as condições em que a Luisa ficaria na cidade que escolheríamos para realizar o curso. Como falei, sou um pai extremamente preocupado e ciumento.
Conversei com a minha esposa e disse que era hora de ela ir, não tinha mais como segurar, pois o futuro dela e sua independência dependeriam desta nossa decisão. Confesso, não me sentia tranquilo o suficiente com as explicações recebidas pelas empresas que consultamos.
Minha esposa Helena, já irritada, começou a procurar nas redes sociais algo que me desse segurança, mesmo que fosse em forma de informação.
Ela encontrou uma grande pessoa, séria, honesta, dedicada e com amor pelo que faz. Me ligou na hora e falou:
“Lembras da Teresinha sua grande amiga que foi para os Estados Unidos?”
Confirmei que sim, e Helena me contou que Teresinha tinha agora uma empresa de Intercâmbio nos Estados Unidos.Era muita coincidência ou, realmente, algo além da nossa imaginação!
Entrei em contato com a Teresinha, expliquei para ela o que precisávamos e no final da conversa ela falou:
“Cesar, a sua filha vai vir para Boston, vai estudar em uma das melhores Universidades e ficar sob a minha responsabilidade.”
Juro que, neste momento, saiu um peso dos meus ombros, pois conhecia e confiava muito na Teresinha. Posteriormente conheci a empresa T.E.S.S Inc. – The Exchange Students Service, que é justamente a essência da pessoa da Teresinha.
Fomos conversando e acertando detalhes. Luisa passou a comentar com os amigos, na faculdade onde cursava Jornalismo no Brasil e entre a família. A partir deste momento ela tinha a certeza absoluta que iria realizar o seu sonho.
Outro ponto importantíssimo e que não poderia deixar de mencionar foi o apoio que a Luisa recebeu do Ron nos meses antes de ir para os EUA. Todos os dias ele ministrava aula para a Luisa via Skype. Um fator importantíssimo, pois quando minha filha foi fazer o teste na Universidade foi muito elogiada pelo seu inglês, quase sem sotaque.
Ela está nos Estados Unidos há 30 dias, com uma estrutura incrível de acomodação, transporte, alimentação, passeio, entre outros mimos. Fomos juntos levá-la, e tivemos uma recepção ímpar, não só pela Teresinha como por toda a família.
Teresinha está sempre em contato conosco, passando informações referentes a Luisa. Outro ponto positivo é que fala Português, e está online 24 horas.
Poderia ficar aqui escrevendo o dia inteiro e não conseguiria expressar toda nossa alegria e tranquilidade por esta oportunidade que a T.E.S.S. Inc está nos proporcionando.
Infelizmente, como nada é perfeito, estou com outra preocupação! Tentar convencer a Luisa a voltar no final do curso, e olha que ela só está lá há 30 dias. Mas vou ser sincero, eita preocupação gostosa essa!
Obrigado a Teresinha, Ron, Quenia e obrigado a empresa T.E.S.S Inc., que me fez acreditar que todo sonho é possível de realizar, basta encontrar as pessoas e empresa certas.
Deixo aqui o meu e-mail, se alguém quiser informações terei enorme prazer em poder ajudar: pcfln@uol.com.br
Grande abraço!
Laura Grenier

Laura Grenier, French Student.

“I’ve met Tess, Ron and Quenia back in 2009. At the time, I was 16 and The Exchange Student Service didn’t exist. They were hosting foreign students for a short amount of time and Ron was giving English lessons through American History. I’ve spent only two weeks in Worcester but I had such a great time with Tess and her family I came back the next year! Thanks to Ron, I improved my English beyond expectations and after staying with them I had but one wish: live abroad! I’m 23 now and about to start a PhD where I’ll have to split my time between Canada and France. I can’t wait to be there!
It’s been a while since 2009 but when I think about Tess and her family, I genuinely believe that the “American Dream” is possible. They gave me a taste of the freedom Americans cherish so much; you can go wherever you want and do whatever you please. So when I hear they’ve started their own company – TESS Inc. – and by looking at all they’ve accomplished and all the students they’ve helped, I am truly happy. Somehow TESS Inc. was meant to be and I can only recommend them to you. You can trust their involvement and their desire to give you the keys to your dreams and to support you along the way.”
Vincent Meng

Vincent Meng - Paris, France.

I have been to the USA two times. One was in winter and the other one was in summer. Every time it was a great experience. I lived in Tess and Ron’s family each time, and it was a really enjoyable moment.
Before my trip, I have chosen to go to the USA to improve my English but my trip was much more. I learnt so much about American life, history and culture. Every day during weeks I spent three hours of classes with Ron to study and improve my English with different exercise as grammar exercise, writing exercise or pronunciation exercise. After, I spent some time visiting Boston, Massachusetts and doing some activities. For example, I went to Faneuil Hall, near Fenway Park or in Worcester. In addition Tess is an excellent chef! She cooked many meals it was so delicious during my stay!
To me, see the USA and feel the American life was as a dream. I would like to thank warmly TESS USA INC, Tess, Ron, Quenia and their family for their hospitality and kindness, and I hope to see them in the near future.